Are Cleaning Companies Essential Services


Are Cleaning Companies Essential Services? – Yes, the services provided by Qik Maids are considered essential during COVID-19. More specifically to answer the question Are Cleaning Companies Essential Services?; Governments have ruled move out cleaning companies and movers as Essential services. Sources

How to Clean Your Mirrors in 5.5 Steps


When Cleaning your Mirrors you should start with analyzing the situation: how to clean your mirror will depend on how dirty it is and what scum you need to clean off. Is it soap scum removal? Are you trying to get rid of toothpaste? Scraping off your kids’ snot? Removing a red lipstick stain? There […]

Why Hire Move Out Cleaning Specialists?


Why Hire Move Out Cleaning Specialists? Are you not sure whether you should call a do-it-all cleaning company or a cleaning company that specializes in move out cleanings? You’ve come to the right place! Let’s find the pros and cons of each. Do-it-all cleaning companies Not prepared for the dust and dirt that collected under […]

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