How to Clean Your Mirrors in 5.5 Steps

When Cleaning your Mirrors

you should start with analyzing the situation: how to clean your mirror will depend on how dirty it is and what scum you need to clean off. Is it soap scum removal? Are you trying to get rid of toothpaste? Scraping off your kids’ snot? Removing a red lipstick stain? There could be many things on your mirror, so let’s look at the five steps to get rid of them.


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Take a good look at your mirror. Can you see yourself?

Step 0.5

If yes, you should be fine; just grab a rag and your favourite bottle of glass cleaner. Spray it on, let it simmer, then wipe and repeat. Do not rinse. Water is your arch-enemy when cleaning a mirror, except if it is filthy. So on to the next step

What if you cannot see yourself in the mirror?

Well, then, you need more. You will probably need a goo-off, VIM, baking soda combo and a bucket of water. Yes, plain water.

Step 1

Get a sponge and a bucket of hot water. Maybe a pair of gloves, up to you! Soak the sponge in the boiling hot water and start grinding it out. As in: scrub that mirror. Hard. When most surface contaminants are gone, you can go onto the next step.

Step 2

Be a good sponge owner and rinse it, please. Now combine Vim, baking soda and goo-off in your bucket, but not with water. I suggest you only do spot-cleaning with this combo because you will have to work on washing this off again.

Step 3

Create a lather right on the dirty spot. Let it sit for a minute. A happy-birthday song worth of time will suffice. Done singing? Good. Now, please start scrubbing in circles with the sponge. When you had enough, wipe it off with clean paper and see if you need to repeat it. Repeat removing the scum until done.

Step 4

Now wash it off again with hot water and dry it off with the paper. Please, work fast here, you can relax after!

Step 5

Well done! Alright, now please reach for your streak-free glass cleaner and spray it on the entire surface of the mirror. Once you are done, GREAT JOB, quickly wipe it off with the paper, and you are good to go.

Final words

Thank you for reading through to here. If you went through, you might have had some fun. If you did not read through, go back to Step 1, that’s where it all began. Share with your friends, maybe they need a nudge to clean their mirrors, so when you go over, you can see your pretty face while checking your teeth for greens. That concludes our how to clean your mirror in-depth post. Until next time!