Book Move Out Cleaning

What is included in the Qik Maids move-out cleaning service?

  1. Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets cleaned inside and outside
  2. Kitchen Backsplash washed clean
  3. All appliances are cleaned, including the stove, oven, fridge, microwave, and dishwasher, inside and outside, and, if possible, under and on top.
  4. Showers and tubs are disinfected, and soap scum removed
  5. Toilets and sinks brought to shine
  6. Door, window sill and baseboard frame dusting
  7. Vacuuming all floors, staircases and cobwebs
  8. Floor washing of all tile and hardwood

What is an optional part of move-out cleaning services?

  • Washing of the Inside of Reachable Windows and window sills
  • Carpet cleaning with carpet shampoo

Specialty services we do not provide

  • Junk Removal
  • Wall washing – you may need a painting company instead
  • Blinds/Drapes cleaning – you may need drapery and blinds cleaning
  • Chandelier and high window cleaning
  • Outside cleaning, pressure washing, outside window washing
  • Moss and gunk removal, dried and caked-on materials, like nail paint, glue, concrete and more